Beexcellent Gaming Headset 3.5mm Over-Ear Headphones with Volume Control Noise Cancelling Earphones Built-in Mic


I am definitely impressed by this headset as it has worked for my computer and also my PS4. I want to try it on my Xbox One but I have an older controller without the 3.5mm port so I’ve not yet been able to do so.

As far as appearance, the headset looks very nice, doesn’t feel cheap and it feels light enough to not be a painful burden when listening but heavy enough to appear to contain some quality drivers to give some good sound.

The USB port is only for the red (or blue if you pick the other color) and this comes with a 3.5mm splitter so you can use this with PC and PS4 (maybe Xbox; will confirm or find out later).

As far as my computer, I have a Gigabyte Z170 motherboard, GTX 970 and an Intel Skylake i5-6500 processor. My motherboard uses Realtek audio drivers and this headset was recognized immediately and setup was less than 2 minutes. After I got it setup, I started streaming Prime Video and the sound was very good!! I was really surprised as it was close to Turtle Beach quality (my only source of comparison for a gaming headset). The highs were very good but not too bright, the mids were good and the bass was adequate. I noticed big changes based on the changing of my computer EQ so I think they are versatile.

As far as the mic is concerned, people could hear me on COD Advanced and they didn’t say it sounded funny.

There are only 2 things that keep this from perfect…there is a switch to turn them off but I didn’t see a mute button. For the price (Turtle Beach ones are like $60), I cannot complain. Also, I wish the cord was a little longer but I could buy a cable extension. It reaches my chair but I worry about pulling on them.

I rate this a 5 because I think it is really good for the price. I did get this at a discount for an honest, unbiased review and the review is indeed my opinion based on the full purchase price. I will update if I have issues with the headset.


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