Maxchange iphone Flash Drive,USB 3.0 Interface Flash Drive with Lightning connector for iphone/iPad/ipod/mac (32, silver)


I was provided this USB flash drive at no charge in order to provide an honest review. The thoughts that follow are mine based on what I see from use and testing.

There is a theme that I’m noticing with this line of their products involves product presentation. I’ve been asked to review a few of their USB drives and they have all been in nice boxes and a lot of attention has been focused on detail. They also involve a lot of metal. I like both aspects of what I mentioned because it usually correlates with quality.

This flash drive was no different. It is in a nice velvety box and protected well and there is a silicone (not 100% sure but it feels like it) cover to protect the lightning and USB connector. I am not an expert but it feels thick enough to be useful for protection. It comes off completely so don’t lose it for sure.

The data aspect of the drive was spot on and performed just like their other 2 Android/USB 3.0 drives I tested and reviewed…very well! I got bursts of 3.0 speed just like I do with other brands that are universal and the median speed was the same. The one I received has very good read/write speeds for large files but it’s 4K deep queue is on par with the norm. All USB flash brands I’ve tried fair about the same on the user benchmark.

As far as the iOS functionality, it works well, you just need an app. The app is nice and the UI is good. This little drive is helping me from going crazy with my 16 GB iPhone as the storage was always about 300MB under 100% full. Not anymore haha! As soon as I got it I transferred all my pics and videos to my PC and deleted them off my phone. I now don’t have to worry about that (and the wife doesn’t either 🙂 ). The only thing that I feel I need to mention is that I have a very large case on my phone and I’ve got to be careful to position it or just remove the outside rubber. My wife does not have to do so. To me, that is a small price to pay for a little more data freedom!

This will really come in handy the next time I’m out and about trying to video my children and my memory is close to being full (I might not experience that again if I just use this regularly, actually).

In all, I give this a thumbs up! If I have any issues with data transfer or corruption, I’ll update.

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