Maxchange USB Flash Drive 3.0,2-in-1 with 180° Rotation Micro USB Connector,for Android Tablets PCs – Silver ,Metal, (Misc.)


This is just as good as their other 32GB OTG flash drive that I have. The most amazing thing to me is that they are machined (I think they are machined) metal that feels more sturdy than any other USB drive that I have owned before. It is USB 3.0 and also has a micro USB connector for Android and many other type devices.

I was given a sample at no cost to complete an unbiased review on and here is what I found:

It is nicely made, moves very fluid and feels like it can take a beating (unlike my Sandisk plastic one, RIP)

It connects to my Lenovo tablet and my custom Skylake PC

It has a good transfer speed of over 100Mbps sequential (pictured)

Per the benchmarking software I used, this is among the 59th percentile in results for USB drives (pictured)

It is 28.8 GB formatted (just like my 480 GB SSD was actually about 457 GB because of a buffer and firmware)

I absolutely love the style as it is grey metal, cold and gets down to business

I have been using my other 32 GB to move some files from my tablet and it has been great. I can’t add a micro SD card on my tablet without removing part of the case (no lie, terrible design) and this is very helpful! One thing that I noticed is that it is slower on my tablet than on USB 3.0 but I believe that is because my port is a USB 2.0. Come to think of it, I have no idea whether a micro USB goes up to 3.0 but I guess it should/could on newer models?

I really like this drive at this price point and highly recommend it. No matter what USB drives you buy, please consider buying a 3.0 as 2.0 speeds are 10 times slower and will not continue to cut it in the future.

I hope this assists others as others have assisted me.

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