Maxchange USB Flash Drive ,OTG Flash Drive,2-in-1 with 180° Rotation Micro USB Connector for Android,Tablets & Computer


Being totally honest here, I really did not know what to expect from this flash drive because I had not heard of the brand before and it has USB 3.0 And a micro USB port for your cell phone or tablet. In my previous experiences products that try to do too much sometimes fall short of expectations. That being said; I kept them in check.

When this drive came (32 GB) I was surprised to see it in a nice case (protective, nice!) and when I removed it I noticed it was pretty heavy. It is real metal and not just cheaply made thin shoddy material. It feels sturdy and it seems like it can take some punishment. I don’t intend on punishing it but using it on the go (OTG) it very well could take a bit of a beating so it feeling sturdy is a great start and confidence booster.

One thing to note, when you get this 32 GB drive, only 29 GB or so is useable (just like a regular 500 GB hard drive might only be 470 when you hook it up: that is used as a buffer and for firmware). This did not surprise me and I’m fine with that.

Something else to be cognizant of is whenever you insert the full size USB into your computer port, I would extend the USB (common sense but still).

I was pretty excited to benchmark this because there is some software that covers your whole computer you can use for free (future mark I think) and it checks USB drives as well as hard drives. This little fella held it’s own and provided some quality real-world transfer speeds. The sequential speeds were good and the 4K was adequate. The software compared it against USB and regular hard drives. I’ve added pics to show you some info with performance. Most thumb drives (3.0 or not for me) don’t provide half this performance so I’m very happy and excited to have something decent to put some programs on or to backup a couple Steam games to transfer them to one hard drive (that can be a pain but that’s Valve’s issue haha).

I was able to get a discount in exchange for a honest and unbiased review and what I have written is just that. The pictures I provided are to assist others as others have assisted me with my purchases. I think this is a good drive but will update this review if it fails, corrupts or causes any issues at all.

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