Oxyled GL02 Hydroponic LED Indoor Plant Grow Lights, 24W, 12 LEDs, 3 Blue/9 Red with Temperature Control, Energy Efficient


I’ve got to say, this light is a beautiful bit of engineering. It is heavy, well put together and also appears to have been put together with some quality materials.

Although I am new to growing plants indoors, I am not new to OxyLED products. I’ve had the pleasure of using their normal ones and they were better than some Sylvania ones I bought from a home improvement store. Nonetheless, this hydroponic light is quite heavy, a good deal bigger than I expected and also puts off a light that is hard to describe. One thing that I do know is that if you are in a small room with it for too long and that is the only light you see, when you walk out, your vision will be purely greenish for a while (I wasn’t sure if it was me so I had my daughter check it out as well and the same side effect occurred. We had some laughs and fun with it as it was pretty cool. Definitely a neat side-benefit (just kidding, I wouldn’t use this for any other reason than intended as I have no idea if that would be harmful).

Onto the reason for the light…I got this light to try to grow the dreaded but GORGEOUS orchid…They have been a nemesis and love of mine for a while and we have a relationship that is lacking to say the least. I am hoping this light will change that. This LED puts off the light that it says it does and didn’t get hot in the time I ran it to test it. My main lamp setup is unaccessible at the moment as it is behind a bunch of various tools and such as we added onto our house and I’ve not been able to access it yet. I wanted to get this and try it out to make sure it worked and was what it says it is so that is why I used a different apparatus than I will in the future.

I was given the chance to review this in exchange for an honest and unbiased review and jumped at it because my curiousity and love of plants (but lack of anything close to being considered a green thumb) have been difficult in the past. I literally have a plant pot in my room that says “thanks for helping me grow” and it holds what remains of a plant my beautiful daughter gave me for a gift. It died and it was because I simply am not good with plants. I am hoping this helps change that 🙂 !!

Anytime I am asked to review any products at either a discount or at no cost, I always write my reviews taking into account the entire purchase price and I think this is a good light so far. I will update this when I have some good grow results (that will take some time). One thing I do know is that after I replaced 90% of all my lights with LED’s in the house, my power bill went down $60 in a month! So no matter what brand; be it OxyLED or any other, consider trying those to help you avoid electricity surprises! Your lights account for roughly 30% of your entire bill!

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