OxyLED P03 Portable LED Camping Lantern with Remote Control, USB Rechargeable, Built-in 1800mAh Battery, White Light

OxyLED P03 Portable LED Camping Lantern with Remote Control, USB Rechargeable, Built-in 1800mAh Battery, White Light

I was given the opportunity to test this light out in exchange for an honest, unbiased review and I was excited to do so because it appeared to be a somewhat unique product that I think can have a few uses aside from camping.

First Impressions:

When I got this lamp, it was a bit smaller than I had in my head (even though the listing shows the dimensions, it just didn’t click). This is about the size of an average pear or just a little bit bigger. Even though it is made of plastic, it felt sturdy (I also actually dropped it and it survived). This came with a strong looking clip that appears useful to clip onto the inside of a tent or actually a closet as well.

What I noticed:

I was not sure how this would operate at first (IE: Would the remote be required, I would hope not but one never knows before one gets the product). I was happy to see a button on the top to turn it on in addition to the remote. The thing I noticed that was the most impactful was the very bright light that I turned on that made me see spots for a few moments. This was actually a great thing to me as it meant it would actually provide some good light. I was expecting fair to decent performance but this gets BRIGHT! It has various brightness settings and I thought I had it on the brightest one but it was really not and I was pleasantly surprised. Be careful and do not stare directly at the brightest setting LOL! It seriously packs a punch and that is exactly what I need for my closet (or camping when we go again).

Something that I did not expect occurred when I plugged it in to charge: it started flashing red and then blue to indicate it was charging. When it was charged, the light indicated it. Cool feature that I didn’t expect. Too bad you can’t get the red to light up when you choose (that I know of).

My overall thoughts on pros and cons:

Has a remote
Has local control
Is bright…very bright
Has a good number of modes including SOS and dimming
Is water resistant
Is sturdy
Has a strong clip to latch onto whatever you want
Remote comes with battery
Has internal rechargeable battery
Life of battery is good on lower brightness settings. It lasts 4 hours on the brightest but many more on the lower levels. I would not keep this on the highest setting all the time as the lower levels are adequate for me. I do love having the power if needed, however.

Scrolling through all the brightness features manually takes a while to get down. Not an issue with the remote so much.

This portable light gets 2 big thumbs up from me as I continue to think of different ways to make it useful. I think I am going to buy one for the storage closet for my living room as it would be be very convenient.

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