uxcell® Authorized Clever Dog Wifi Security Camera/Smart Baby Monitor,Night Vision,Record Video,2-way Audio,Motion Detected,Alert Messages for iPhone Android


stars-5-0-_cb192240867_uxcell® Authorized Clevr Dog Wifi Security Camera/Smart Baby Monitor,Night Vision,Record Video,2-way Audio,Motion Detected,Alert Messages for iPhone Android

I’ve got to say, when I was given the opportunity to review this camera, I was pretty excited when I read what the description said it could do. I tempered expectations in order to avoid being let down and waited for it to arrive. This was sent to me at no cost in exchange for an honest review. The seller wanted feedback and I was more than happy to provide it.

Something this camera touts: Setup is 2 minutes (or can be done)…Verdict – True. I’m a techie but an IP camera is not something I have setup before so it was appropriate that I was new to this in order to test it.

The unit isn’t very large and comes with mounting options to place it on a wall if you’d like. It is a bit conspicuous so be prepared to tell friends what it is haha.

As far as video quality, it is black and white but surprisingly good! I saw it was not “HD” so I was unsure but it is viewed on a phone or tablet and it looks a lot better than most surveillance footage on TV. It also has a “fisheye” lens and captures my entire living room. The sound is good (you can hear what is going on) and the mic to speak back works pretty well but there was a bit of a delay. Unfortunately my upload internet speed is only 750KBps (ugh, DSL) so I think this played as a factor. It is pretty awesome having the ability to look at the camera to check my living room from anywhere I have cell service (internet). I wanted this to be able to let my dog out during the day and keep her off the couch. I’ll see how that goes but in the meantime it was pretty funny to see her look around when she heard my voice from the camera and I was nowhere to be found.

Pros and Cons:

Pros –
Easy to setup
Doesn’t look bad
Night vision
Recording is simple
Has motion sensing
Has 2 way audio
Can save video to micro SD card (TF)
Video quality
The app can notify you when motion is detected
Video seems to be compressed well and therefore small on a card and streaming


App requirement (this isn’t a con to me but some people might not be familiar with the “CleverDog” app or that it is a security app. It seems to work well and it appears that you can add other things to it like doorbells and sensors)

Only one device can view at a time (although this isn’t a $100 camera so that isn’t to be expected)

You can only view via smartphone or tablet (but it can be Android or iOS)

In all, this thing is proving to be great and I’m excited to try it out. I’ll update if I have any reliability issues.

Also, make sure you pick up a MicroSD (TF) card as it supports one up to 32GB’s

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