uxcell® Digital Multimeter

uxcell® Digital Multimeter


When this meter arrived, I was interested to find out what it is “made of”…it really did not disappoint and is a solid performer.

This meter has a good feel to it and it has a protective yellow rubber-type guard that definitely seems to protect it from bumps and drops. It feels well built and has good balance in the hand. It also includes a built in stand (keep in mind there is no 9 Volt included).

One thing that I really, really like about this meter (and that makes it safer) is that it separates amps and other functions. Cheaper meters combine them and that is usually not a great idea.

The meter is auto-ranging and was spot on with the ac and dc items I checked and the NCV (non contact voltage) works great. I’ve attached a pic of it in action as there is a light that pulses and makes a sound when ac is present (without contacting). A great way to make sure there is no current and avoid becoming a statistic!

The leads are SHARP! Be careful as they will pierce things (this is a pro to me for leads) and they feel well made.

I’m excited I was sent an item in exchange for an honest review. I assure you, this is my opinion and for the price, I do not know of one that is safer, better and covers so many bases!

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