uxcell® LED Strip Light Kit – Lights Kit 16.5ft/5M, Nonwaterproof, 300LEDs, 5050SMD, RGB, 44Key Remote Controller

uxcell LED Strip Light Kit Review (With Video)


I was offered a chance to review these in exchange for an honest, unbiased review and here are my opinions, thoughts as if I had paid full price for this set of lights.

This is a cool set of lights!! I am just starting to dive into LED strip lights and I am learning that there is still a TON for me to learn!! If you are like me, don’t get discouraged as it isn’t too crazy.

The 5050 lights are a good bit brighter on average than the 3528 but they are both great. These come with a remote that does pretty much any function I can think of, a power supply and a long roll of LED’s that change to a lot of colors. I wasn’t the most sure whether the wife would be keen on the idea of letting me put these lights up but when she saw them in action, she was surprised and throwing out as many ideas for uses as I was. That was definitely exciting because from what I have looked at online, there are a ton of uses and things you can do to accent parts of your house and especially kitchen or home theater setup. I’ve just got to figure out what the best option is for me to use these for.

Concerning the physical aspects:

These feel well made, came with a remote, battery and everything you need to get them setup. There is the power supply, remote control module and the lights themselves have a sticky backing that will adhere to the wall or under cabinets. I am not sure how strong it is but I will update the review if it is troublesome or doesn’t last.

The lights are very responsive when the remote is used and I would say the IR coverage for the remote is good. It isn’t great but it is very good for what the price is for the whole kit. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to spice up their living space or anyone that just needs some extra light in your room. The best part is the fact they sip power and don’t cost a lot to operate. You can also turn them off so it isn’t a full commitment all the time.

I hope this review helps someone as previous reviews from other people have helped me. I aim to assist people with their purchases as I have been lucky enough to receive assistance as well.

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