Zestkit Tri-Blade Vegetable Spiral Slicer: Spiralizer, 3 Blades (White, Yellow)


I was sent a Zestkit at no cost in order to give honest, unbiased feedback and here are my thoughts:

This is a really good idea and although this doesn’t take up a lot of counter “real estate” it manages to allow you to keep the 3 blades inside it so you don’t lose them. It doesn’t weigh too much but is substantive enough to not jump around too much when using it.

Onto some specifics:

The pictures you see are of a green apple as I tested it by cutting one up. If you have a dehydrator, it would be awesome to use this cut to make kid snacks.

The handle is easy to turn and there is a clever placement of a handle to allow you to push the fruit/vegetable forward. The holder is great! It is sharp enough plastic to allow the apple to be skewered but not cut me. There is a retractable suction cup on the bottom to help it stay in one place. It works well! If this 30-something year old father of 3 can use it, anyone can in my opinion as I’m not the most culinary inclined.

This doesn’t feel cheap, it feels like it will last a while and it is VERY easy to clean! I was able to clean it out in about 3 minutes (and that was because I took my time and care with the blades I used).

The only con that I can can think of is that it could be a bit easy to move around if you don’t take care but it has blades so it would be a bit foolish to be in a hurry. It is convenient but also sharp (which is absolutely required). They seemed to have thought of everything in this design! I’m looking forward to making some home made chips!

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