Moving On’ Up!

It is nice to see hard work not go by the wayside…As of today, I’ve moved up in the reviewer rankings again; this time from 83,996 to 67,888! When I started this journey to hit my goal of being one of the top 100 reviewers, I was ranked over 3 millionth! I have written a lot of reviews with the goal of assisting people and it seems like it is paying off.

As far as honing my skills, when I go back to my first reviews I realize that I did not really know what in the world I was doing. I still learn a lot today but my reviews needed improvement and thankfully they evolved.

All of my reviews are my opinions and honest, unbiased representations of what I think, feel or observe with each product. I have been lucky thus far as I have not had many things to complain about with the items I have reviewed. That being said, I haven’t been in the ecosystem that long of review writers so I know the day will come. It has been a pleasant experience in which I have had to put in many hours of hard work and time to move up to even a 5 digit ranking. There are some truly great reviewers out there and my goal is to stand among them when the dust settles.

Overall, I am thankful Amazon exists (my wallet is not, however) and I am thankful to all the reviewers that have given me tips and the sellers that have thought enough of my skills to allow me to complete honest and unbiased reviews for them. I am very up front with them that I will post negative content. They have all been fine with that and I am thankful for that as well because I will not jeopardize my hard work by violating Terms of Services.

Finally, I hope whomever reads my website reviews gets something good out of it. If you are a Seller and would like to have me complete an honest and unbiased review for your product, please contact me either through email or this website.

Thank you all!

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