Kakanuo Luminous Magnetic Cell Phone Holder

This product does not seem extremely imposing, complicated nor potentially tough…until you open the box and check out the materials. Also, the materials are packaged and laid out very nicely…like a good amount of time and effort went into the product presentation and this also carries some weight (heavier than imagined by a good margin).

First impressions: they knocked it out of the park with product presentation and the appearance of quality materials. Further inspection confirms that this base is built like a brick house! This is ingenious (I don’t have experience with other magnetic stands so I have no basis for comparison) but it is much more than I thought. Case in point: The magnetic base that attaches to the steel/chrome ball has a simple but strong mechanism that allows it to rotate easily but to stay attached.

I was provided a sample at a discount to honestly review and these thoughts are indicative of what I think at full price.

I wanted to get this for my wife and One thing that I was not sure about was the fact she has an Otter Box on her iPhone. A trick is this: remove the outer rubber and place the phone magnet there underneath and then place the rubber part over it. Because it is magnetic, it still works like a charm! Additionally, there are 2 phone attachments so I got to use it on mine as well…added bonus! This thing sticks strongly to the vehicle (pictured) and the phones do as well. I got a product I thought would be tough to like but I’m starting to love it (my wife already does)!!

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