ProGreen 2 in 1 Dimmable 5W LED Desk Lamp – Review

Product Review Link: ProGreen 2 in 1 Review/Product
This is the little light that could! When I agreed to provide honest feedback in exchange for one of these lights, I wasn’t sure what kind of product it would be as the brand was unknown and it didn’t seem to stand out from the ad. When I turned it on the first time and saw how the touch sensor performed, I fell in love!

My wife and I actually both tried to come up with reasons for needing this more than the other because she loved it too! She doesn’t get too excited about things like this (not a techie like me and we have 3 young kids) but she was drawn to this light, as I was. Being the mother of my children and doing so much, I gave in and let her have it…I’m going to order one for me though 🙂

This lamp is about 13ish inches tall and is bendable so you can read your favorite book or irritate your kids or dog. The blue light is beautiful and would make a good night light. This sucker is actually cordless as it has a battery. We want to use it like a regular lamp for reading and such. If that causes any issues, I will update my review.

This has 3 brightness settings. Nicely dim, bright and very bright. They are noticeably different and provide enough lumens to read peacefully and without straining. The blue night light is nice and with white, it looks great. I love the fact I can take it to another room when my wife isn’t looking…I mean using it.

Just to break it down:

Battery included (rechargeable)
Puts out a lot or little light
Has beautiful night light

None so far

I definitely want one for myself and my youngest for a night light. I highly recommend this!

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