Beautification Simplified

Here is my review for a great product from Seller LTROP:
I was asked to check these lights out at no cost in order for an honest review and I agreed but I feel the need to admit I was unsure at first glance. Here is what I found:

These are relatively unassuming at first, until you get them out of the box. They are interesting as they are some neat looking LEDs on copper wires. I found this to be advantageous as it allows you to bend, twist or wrap them around any ordinary item and to shine them up a bit (sorry for the pun). These are way cooler than I thought and my wife and myself love them!

These are battery operated (3 AA’s or hook it up to a bench power supply for fun 🙂 ). I noticed in testing these started to light up at 2.4 volts but got their brightest at about 3.5 volts. This isn’t surprising as 3 AA batteries are 4.5 volts (at first until they start to die). As you can see by the pictures, they light up very beautifully and they feel like they will last a while, provided you take care of them as you should.

The pros are:



Battery operated & portable

Able to be bent at any way you want to place them wherever you wish

Appear to be weatherproof


Could get twisted (the other side of the benefit of being able to move them where you want)

Battery operated (yes, I listed this as a pro as well but if you want to plug them in, you have to use a separate power supply. It’s a double edged sword but worth it).

Overall, these don’t look extraordinary out of the box until you light them up. I rate these a solid 5. Love it!!

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