Stunningly Beautiful Salt Lamp

This is one of the nicest products that I have gotten from Amazon, period. It is beautiful, artistic and is something that I am very thankful to have gotten a chance to review. My words do not do it justice as the entire product and experience overall was stunning.
Here is my attempt to put this into words:
Let me start off by saying that this lamp is heavy! Seriously; I felt bad for my mailman heavy. Weight is not always synonymous with quality but here it absolutely matches up!

Here is the scene:

You get a knock on the door…it’s a package, it’s sweltering hot outside and you are tired. You attempt to grasp the box but realize this weighs much more than you could’ve anticipated. Because of this you struggle but you get it in safely. When you start to open it, you are floored because so many things were done right…

The packaging: Absolutely beautiful! The box is not the main event by any means but if they put this much thought into protecting it until it arrives at its destination, how much attention did they pay to detail inside on the product? It happens to be a great deal and impressive! This is a reusable box that is good for a gift (this lamp or something else inside it). It has nice instructions and some other placards. Most importantly, it has a spare bulb which is very small so don’t miss it (small white box).

The Product:

When I close my eyes and think of what a sixty dollar salt lamp would look like, this is it (actually nicer). Again, this is heavy, has a beautiful stainless steel base with etching with the brand. This is a nice touch and I love it. It is as elegant as a salt lamp can be. Not to be forgotten is the dimmer that allows you to have it be bright or very dim. It didn’t take more than 1 minute for me to get acclimated and allows a good amount of control.

I’ve got to admit, I’d not heard of Levoit before this but it is now on my list of brands to check out in detail.

I’m really glad that a manufacturer gave me a chance to review this at no cost in exchange for a honest, unbiased review. I tried to find something I didn’t like about the lamp but there is nothing I can be critical of at this point as it is performing well, looks beautiful and functions well.

A note: I am not sure of all the benefits a salt lamp provides and frankly I am a bit unsure as I’ve not done a lot of research on this specifically but I do know that since I plugged it in, dust has been accumulating like a magnet so it seems to definitely be putting out negative ions to attract positively charged dust…awesome!!

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