Goldenseller Black 4.3-Inch TFT-LCD Monitor with a Square Backup Camera

I was asked if I would test this camera system out and keep it at no cost in order to provide my honest thoughts and findings via a review. I am only willing to review and test items if I all types of feedback is encouraged. As this was the case, I was happy to check this out.

Here is what I found:

At less than thirty bucks (at this time), you get a pretty nice sized monitor (TFT LCD), waterproof (resistant) camera and the power cables for the camera and monitor. The camera is actually decent and I would love it if there was one change…I’ll hit on this a little later. It isn’t difficult to install but it does take some time to do it right and hide the wires.

The first thing that I noticed is that the monitor is bigger than I anticipated. It is a good enough size to see more than enough detail. The color is good and I think it is actually great considering the overall cost.

Here is what I like:

Easy to install (can even hook up to the fuse box if you wanted but this is not advisable because of possible shorting or other bad things)
Camera is good
Monitor is good
Ability to change the camera to another one that you may like more (additional info on this below)

This would be PERFECT to me if it had a different mounting structure to the camera. It requires drilling on my license plate in order to mount it the way I want to as the field of view would be too narrow for my tastes. The good news is that another camera can be purchased for less than 10 bucks and will fit seamlessly into this system. The manufacturer made a very smart move in my opinion in not making this a proprietary connector. You can even use this as a dash cam and it actually would fit better that way with this mounting option.

For under thirty dollars, it is hard enough to get a good camera or 3 inch monitor alone (in my experience). I really, really like this kit and will love it once I get a camera that mounts just a little bit differently it is a five star system on a beer budget. I’m very happy overall and it is almost perfect for me..

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