LTROP 2 Reels 12V 32.8ft Waterproof Flexible RGB LED Strip Light Kit, Color Changing SMD5050 300 LEDs, LED Strip Kit & Mini 44-key IR Controller + 12V 5A Power Supply

I was asked if I would try these out and post some honest feedback via a review (good, bad, indifferent) at no cost. The only stipulation was that it was truthful. Since it involves technology and lighting (which I have learned a ton about recently) I agreed. Here is what I found:

After a good bit of research, I have learned that a great deal of people prefer the 5050 lights over the 3528 (or something similar) as the 5050’s are much brighter. From comparing this set to a set I have of non-5050 LED’s, I can say that appears to be true (at least in this case). These are waterproof which means they are basically encapsulated in clear flexible plastic so water will not interfere with your lighting. I think this makes these ideal for kitchens or outside if you get a waterproof driver. The power supply is good for this kit but it is not waterproof or probably even resistant so I would keep that inside if I am putting the lights outside.

The first thing that I learned about these lights is the fact they are easy to setup and the remote control dongle is the smallest remote IR sensor that I have tested. It is much smaller than a previous RGB kit I used and it goes inline with the supply and lights. It is super sensitive as well (which is good because there is nothing more annoying trying to show your kids/wife/dog, etc, the lights and what they can do to only have the remote falter and not work on command. This was not the case with this set and it has so many different functions, it is going to take me a good bit of time to get used to what it can or cannot do. It has some keys dedicated to customizing changes/fades/etc so there are a lot of possibilities. I think I will get a WIFI LED controller to put on this, place some behind my TV and then hook up an IF This Then That (IFTTT) to allow my Wink hub to interface with these and come on during football or movies, etc.


The LED’s on this set are bright, reproduce some accurate looking colors and also appear to be flexible enough to allow adhesion to a number of surfaces (looks to be 3M adhesive). These strips (there are 2 and it is a LOT of length) reproduce greens and blues MUCH MUCH better than my exponentially expensive Philips Hue bulbs. They also do so at one-eight the price (ballpark). If these were “smart” and interfaced via wifi/Zigbee/Z-Wave, they would be my hands-down favorite light item of all time. They are not but as I mentioned before, wifi controllers are about the cost of this kit or cheaper and can be hooked up easily. It is worth the setup time to save a ridiculous amount of money.


As I hinted at before, you get a LOT of light coverage for a good price. This comes with 2 rolls which will cover my whole kitchen. The remote is effective and has 44 keys to open up a lot of possibilities. At this point, I am struggling to find a downside. That being the case, I will update my review if the adhesive fails or the lights short out. I’ve owned a couple sets from a couple different vendors before and adhesive is what usually sets them apart for me (that and remote sensitivity). I’m really liking these so far and think only something like the power supply or lights going out prematurely (or at all) would change my view.81skwwzhlxl-_sl1500_

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