Wink Hub – Home Automation with No Monthly Fees!

I’ve waited a good while to write a review about this as from what I’ve read, it’s not 100% polished. I think it is as close to polished as you can get at this price point and for how things are so steadily evolving.

This is fun, convenient and seems to have limitless possibilities. You can combine this with IfThisThenThat IFTTT and create all kinds of functions (or havoc if you want to mess with your children/spouse). There is a good bit of products that work with this and some that do not. I’ll give you a rundown…

Here are the light bulbs that I’ve used that work well with Wink (app and/or Hub):

Cree Connected (circa $15 each)
GE Link (Circa $15 as well)

These do not (but do work with Alexa…which makes this absolutely awesome!):

Philips Hue does not work directly with Wink (I’ve read you can pair a Hue bulb directly to the Wink Hub but that it might not work well and it would be hard to factory reset it).

TCP Connected bulbs used to work but they stopped support (TCP)


Switches that work with this:

Leviton Z-Wave
Almost any Z-Wave

From what I gather, most Zigbee does.

The best thing I can do is recommend getting an Echo, Firetv or Tap and asking Alexa to search for smart devices and then asking her to dim (whatever % you want) or turn off the bulbs.

You can setup schedules with Wink, all kinds of things. This is great to help usher you into the era of the Smart Home.

If you love technology, convenience and have a penchant to tinker a bit, I definitely recommend this hub!

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