FACK OFF! (Insect Repellent)

I was able to purchase this at a discount in exchange for feedback via a review. The Seller made it clear that good/bad/indifferent feedback was welcomed (which I require before taking on a review request) so I was happy to test it out. You can read what I discovered below.
I’m going to be 100% honest and say that YES, the name DID play into my decision a bit…On the inside there is still a piece of me that is a teenage boy that still loves to joke around and getting something borderline offensive that is functional is the best of both worlds to me 🙂

We are a busy family of 5 (not including animals). 2 boys and a girl, aged between 6 and 12. As that is the case, they all play baseball and living in the Deep South (Florida), mosquitos and yellow flies are the bane of our existence. They have always been ferocious but now they are carriers of something extra “special” in the form of the Zika virus. We are done with having children but one of the ways the virus spreads is by infected people getting bit by non-carrying mosquitos and the previously non-carrying winged vermin have it to share. It is a vicious situation in which the number of mosquitos carrying it and the number of people getting infected increases exponentially.

Nonetheless, these bracelets have made our long, arduous evening practice routine less painful and calms our fears a bit. Anything we can do to help prevent the spread is good news to us.

These bracelets have a very strong citronella scent and they seem to be working very well. I’ll update if they don’t last long enough or lose their effectiveness quickly. They can be easily stretched out and are non-toxic so no worries about the kids wearing them.


Does work
Smells strong but I like it (could be a con to some)
Non toxic
Helps stop the proliferation of the Zika virus


Easy to stretch out if your 6 year old plays with it very roughly

I despise spraying DEET bug spray on as it just seems like it could be harmful so these have helped prevent us from having to do that.

Definitely recommended!

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