NICE Surge Protector w/Smart USB Charging Ports

I was asked if I would take a look at this, try it out and give my impressions, thoughts (good/bad/indifferent) via a review. It was sent to me at no cost in order to let them know if I thought this was a good product or what could be improved. Below is what I think so far:

Being a power supply/surge protector, this is not inherently the most interesting item (unless you are a self-professed “nerd” like me) but first impressions have completely surprised me as it is evident to me that a great deal of thought has been put into the product. To me, packaging, presentation and the little things (including 2 Velcro straps for cable clean-up, having power plug ports that are closed to dust when not in use, etc) makes me feel a lot better about the quality of the overall product. It also came with a dual Micro-USB/Lightning charging cable (this was an awesome surprise!).

To me, it is similar to going to a restaurant and looking at the vents in the ceiling and seeing them very clean…It means they care about the cleanliness and generally (most the time) pay attention to all the details.

This power strip is about the same size as mostly every other one that I have used. The length and width are more of a traditional design (as opposed to the ones that stand up now and turn) but that is where similarities to older designs stop. Included are 4 nice, Smart Charger USB ports that seem to be quite capable so far. It was charging my daughter’s iPad Mini very well (as good as stock, per her) and I used another port for my FireTV stick (instead of plugging it into my TV). When I was testing it, I used another charger plugged into it as well as a night light for my son (pictured…it’s the cloud shaped item; smart night light).. For the final resting place, the living room entertainment center it was.

I decided to place it there as the color goes nicely with one that I received recently and I have a LOT of things over there. TV, FireTV, PS3, DirecTV, Wii U, A/V Receiver, USB cable for my TV antenna amplifier and last but not least, my Wink hub. This strip alone does not handle all these items but I have 6 outlets on my other surge protector.

Something this surge protector has that my other nice one does not is some non-slip backing…This is invaluable when you have a feisty kitten that LOVES to play with cables (and/or bite them). She is strong but I don’t think she will leverage this one off šŸ™‚

So, to break it down:


Non-slip backing
Plugs have some type of cover that prevents dust from getting in when unused
Came with dual micro USB/Lightning charging cable (great for “Divided” households like mine
Nice but not too bright blue LED’s that light up when on (USB)
Fair amount of connections for AC plugs that are spaced apart
4 USB Smart Charging plugs
Long power cord
2 Velcro cord keepers (or whatever you call them)

Nothing so far aside from a general comment I have about Surge Protectors…They are all pricier than I ever expected
No surge protector will protect equipment from a direct lightning strike but some will reimburse you when it happens (usually UPS – Uninterrupted Power Supplies – WAY more expensive than these)

Overall, this made a very, very good first impression on me. It feels built well, looks nice and has plenty of plugs and ports for my family of 5.

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