Nice, Utility iPhone Charging Stand (Apple Watch as Well)

This sample came directly from the manufacturer at no cost for me to test and review. All types of feedback was encouraged and the fact I’ve got an iPhone, I was interested in checking it out.

When I found out what was being sent, I thought it appeared to be plastic or possibly something faux but this appears to be bamboo and cut cleanly and concisely. The grain of the wood combined with the lighter staining works very well together (in my humble opinion). I also had no idea it had USB charging ports on the back and when I flipped it over I was absolutely surprised. This does not look like something that would normally house some electronics (at first glance it looks like one designed to just hold your phone and watch and just route the charging cable) but it absolutely does include them and they work well!

As far as performance, this charged my iPhone easily and as quickly as a smart charger that I’ve got. My iPhone 6 has a very thick otter box on it but it fits and looks nice doing it. I do not have an Apple Watch so I cannot speak to that fit or performance, unfortunately.

What I know (to me):

This looks stunning in person compared to photos

It charges well

It has 3 charging ports

Has stoppers on the bottom to keep it from sliding (I despise when a holder doesn’t and then it slides all around)

My wife loves the way it looks

Overall, I believe this to be a good value at under twenty bucks. Believe me, I’ve paid much more for much less.

I think this looks very nice in a contemporary or office setting.

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