Nice Wireless Sport Earbuds…Sweat-proof Too!


These wireless Bluetooth earbuds arrived in a very nice firm, reusable zipped case. The case is similar to what you would want or buy for a nice set of sunglasses that you wanted to keep protected. It has a zipper and just enough room for the extra tips, charging cable and headset. Very nice – Score – 2 out of 2

Product Quality:

These feel pretty light (good as the lighter they are, the less stress they put on your ears and the less uncomfortable they are).The wire is the “noodle” type that helps prevent tangles (which is a bit ironic as this is a “wireless headset”). The cable also comes with a little plastic/rubber piece to keep it tight (if that is what you want, it’s optional). Off the bat, I noticed these are extremely similar to a set I got previously. I love those as the fit is the best that I’ve experienced and it lends to better sound because it keeps the driver in a position that prevents it from moving or dropping out. The button is nice and both ear pieces look good Score – 2 out of 2

Sound Quality:

Just as was the case with the Bluetooth set I got previously that seem to be from the same manufacturer with only slight differences, the 11mm drivers provide a good amount of bass. Moreso than any other pair I have had before. The sound is nice, well-rounded and for a budget priced headset, I don’t think you can ask for much more. I tried Country, Rap, R&B, Alternative and also audiobooks; all sounded great and I am thoroughly enjoying using these. Score – 2 out of 2 *easily*

Battery Life:
This is where these differ a bit from the similar set I got before…The battery on these has proven to be pretty amazing. For the asking price, I’ve not encountered a Bluetooth headset that could last more than my entire day at work. I generally listen to Audible or Kindle Unlimited audiobooks all day if possible. Today, I was able to listen to an entire book that was just over 8 hours. Yesterday when I was trying out different music it lasted hours as well. I topped it off last night so it was full when I started. It was literally about 8 hours and 5 minutes. I know this because I had to listen to the remaining 8 minutes of the book using my other set of wireless headphones. Something I REALLY like about these (some people might not) is that it doesn’t say “Battery Low” every 5 seconds until it dies. This one told me once or twice and then just died. It has a battery gauge on iOS so you can judge via that to make sure you have enough left to not charge. I really don’t like other sets that interrupt my audiobooks with the warning so often. Score – 2 out of 2


For the sound quality, time you get on one charge and for the comfortable fit at a price point of under thirty bucks, I think these represent a great quality. These are supposed to be sweat proof but I didn’t test how much so I cannot attest to that. I always stay on the side of caution with waterproof/water resistant watches, speakers, etc.

Final score – 10/2 = 5 Stars!

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