Movin’ On Up!

Along my time testing out products, writing what seems like over 9,000 reviews, I have made my most significant progress to date! My overall ranking is now 914 out of many, many millions of people. I have to say, there are some feelings of pride as it is not the easiest work and it takes a great deal of time and dedication.

To all of you that have contacted me via email to thank me, ask me questions, advice or just general musings; Thank You!! I enjoy doing whatever I can to pay it forward as life is tough and a lot tougher without any joy, caring or consideration.

I look forward to continuing to move up the rankings and will push through to my goal…Top 500 next, then top 100, top 10 and then #1 (thus achieving “Hall of Fame” status).

Thanks again for all of you! If you need anything at all, I am happy to assist!

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