Mountain Man by Keith C Blackmore

I know that I do not usually complete write-ups on books here but there is one that I read/listened to and absolutely LOVED…Mountain Man by Keith C Blackmore. The book is about an every day kind of protagonist, Gus, who finds himself in the not-so-enviable position of negotiating daily life through a zombie apocalypse. Unlike most movies and books that are out today, the main character has no more training than anyone else; save for some badass movies and the emulation of some such tactics employed. This book is humorous (you will never, ever look at toilet paper in the same way again; in a funny way), thrilling, creative and has a couple watershed moments in the series that really made me think. If it were not for the free audio book on Audible and happenstance, I would have likely never learned about this series.

Be that as it may, I wanted to make sure to pass along my great experience so others get a chance to see if they like the story. Here is a link Mountain Man – Hospital – Free Audio Book (sort of a prequel to the first book). Being totally honest here, the first book is good but the second and third books are great and outstanding, respectively. The audio book series is also narrated by R.C. Bray…the same person that narrated “The Martian” audio book. He is outstanding and I cannot say enough about what he adds to the story. The audio book is the way to go in my humble opinion. Check out the free book on Audible and I think you will be intrigued, as I was. I do not believe you will be let down.

Finally, if you would like to check out a copy of the Kindle edition of the first “Mountain Man” book, write a comment below or contact me via email and I will choose 1 winner and purchase the Kindle edition for you and send it to you as a gift. I’m in the giving mood but it would also make me happy to see if other people enjoyed this as much as I have. I normally read Stephen King, Blake Crouch, Kilborne (Konrath), Dan Simmons, Joe Hill and some others. After finishing this trilogy, my favorite list now includes Keith Blackmore directly after Stephen King (Yes, I enjoyed it that much).

As always, have a great day and I wish the best to all of you



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