iClever External Disc/HDD Drive

Hefty, nice and simple…just the way I like it. Well, sort of as having some weight to it is not a necessary indication of quality but it does make me feel better whenever I compared this to a domestic name brand that my daughter got for Christmas last year. That one felt paper thin and was cheap plastic. This is not plastic and feels a lot more well-made.

This was not very difficult to install as It was plug and play for the most part. I really was not sure but it does indeed write DVD’s so it is nice to be able to save my various backups from a computer I bought that I neglected to purchase a case for with a spot for a CD/DVD drive (evidently it is a lot better sometimes just to spend the extra five or ten bucks to get a computer case with a slot so you can just get an internal one)…nonetheless, this solves that issue without me having to take out the motherboard, graphics card, memory, etc, etc and purchase another PC case.

This does the job and does it well in my experience. I like it and it is of little consequence but it is my favorite color as well.

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