iClever BoostSound 20W Portable Bluetooth 4.2 Speakers for Camping with IPX5 Water Resistant, Wireless Outdoor Speaker, Red

iClever BoostSound 20W Portable Bluetooth 4.2 Speakers for Camping with IPX5 Water Resistant, Wireless Outdoor Speaker, Red
5.0 out of 5 stars I’m liking this speaker and impressed how well it fills the room with sound
Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
This has some weight to it and was a bit larger than I thought. It was one of those things where you read the descriptions, look to see if you can imagine how big and heavy it will actually be when it arrives and then throwing all of that out the window when it shows up at your door.

In order to assist with scale of the speaker, I placed a small container beside it to help provide some perspective concerning the dimensions. Also, there is a kitten that just had to get in one of the shots…His name is Gibblets (long story) but unrelated. I would say this comes almost as long as 3 Echo Dots (2nd generation) lined side by side.


This arrived packaged well with the speaker, a charging cable, 3.5mm cable for the AUX input and the instruction manual with warranty card. It wasn’t extravagant by any means but I am fine with that since what matters most to me is the actual product. Concerning charging, this took a couple hours using a 5V 1Amp charger. There is a red light on the front inside the metal grille that lights up when you plug it in. When it is gone you are good to go.


This was surprisingly great. The bass is not the best but for the price range, battery life and water resistance rating, I was not expecting Sonos quality or something of that sort. It has 2 nice smaller speakers and a larger passive woofer. Passive woofers are nice but aren’t known for teeth shattering bass but rather a nice compliment to mid and lower range sounds (that does not change here).That being said, it does hold its own and provide enough good, solid sound reproduction to make me extremely happy. I paired this with one of my 2nd gen Echo Dots and played Prime music for a few hours and then changed to listening to some audio books. I listened to Country, R&B, Pop (I listened to “Top Hits”), Rap and basically everything in-between putting it through its paces. Each step of the way it provided clear, concise sound and was a definite upgrade over another smaller speaker that I had and for sure over the internal Echo Dot. I also think this gives the full-size Echo a run for it’s money. Pair this with an Echo Dot and you have close to a large Echo but you can take this with you to the beach. Very cool.

Battery Life:

This was more impressive than I thought and edged my rating to a 5. I had periods in which I ran the speaker at full blast to see if it would distort (it did not) and if it sounded good in my living room (it did). I also had periods in which it was about 3/4th’s of the way and about halfway. I think if I had kept it at about halfway or a little higher that it would’ve hit the 12 hour mark. I think it is a good value for the sound quality and waterproofing that you get. By no means is any speaker generally waterproof but moreso water resistant.

The Bluetooth mechanism worked flawlessly. It paired quickly and without issue to a few devices.

Some pros and cons:


Good sound
Battery life
Ease of use
3.5mm cable included
Volume level ability (IE:It can get loud)
Rubber feet and surroundings are nice. Protection and keeps it from skidding


I wish there was a better way to know the volume level without having to look at the device it is paired to. Not a big deal but something I like.

Overall, I do like this…a lot. I would rate it 4.75 if possible due to the sound, battery life and appearance.

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