Ohuhu 50 Feet Super Strong Garden Hose / Expandable Hose with All Brass Connector & Free 8-pattern Spray Nozzle, Green


Being 100% honest here; I was a bit unsure how this would work because of how similar it looked compared to some of the As Seen On TV ones but my wife and ive been pleasantly surprised. I saw a couple people had some issues but ive not encountered any. Where I live in FL the lifespan of hoses is finite (all hoses because of the pounding and relentless sun). I don’t expect this to be different but I do hope this lasts at least a year or two. If the Florida sun doesn’t get it then the kids cutting the grass just might.

Nonetheless, I’ve not had issues with it leaking and I like the inline cutoff because the pumphouse we have is spider infested and I’d rather avoid it if possible. It seems it was included because the original hose was too small (I suspect you could use this in another country without it).

The sprayer has a lot of different functions but I really only use 2 or 3. The hose is super simple to put away and reaches a lot further than our previous hoses.

There isn’t a ton I can say about hoses but if I can think of anything or if something goes wrong with it I will update my review.

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