Ohuhu Percussion Electric Massager Deep Tissue Handheld Massager For Neck Back Shoulders Leg Foot (Health and Beauty)



This was a little larger than I expected but it works very well. The massage functionality is nice (and what I purchased it for) but I’ve not felt much of the warmth (infrared light). That’s fine with me because I had no interest in that functionality and it’s not pushed via the marketing.

There are a few great Pros and a couple smaller Cons outlined below:


Strong massaging action

Various heads

Various functions

Works great overall and not too heavy for me

Long cord


Larger than I expected

Not sure what benefits IR provides

The controls are interesting in the numbers they use (54 is the highest speed/strength but I could be reading it incorrectly).

This has a few different pulsing modes and strengths so I imagine you’ll find something for just about anyone and their needs (when coupled with the different attachments). The attachments are nice and coated with a rubberized matte finish. At first I worried they were just pieces of plastic but thankfully there was much more thought put into them.

Final note: This comes in a fairly nice gift box arrangement with strings so it seems nice to gift.

I’ll update my review if anything goes wrong or I discover anymore benefits or quirks.

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