Lee Precision Classic Press Versus RCBS, Redding, Lyman, Hornady and Maybe Another Press Maker.. I’ve contacted them all…Let’s see who participates (UPDATE: Lee Precision is IN!) ***IMA is out, unfortunately…Sorry guys and gals!***

Will Update Soon!!

My website has generally covered a lot of electronics, home, kitchen, lighting and other similar types of things but we are branching out! I’ve got some requests to cover reloading (a hobby of mine so it fits) and as is the case, I’ve reached out to Lee Precision, RCBS, Redding, Lyman, Hornady and another manufacturer that doesn’t get a lot of attention over here (USA) from what I have seen. Also, I have contacted IMA (International Military Antiques) to see if they had any goodies that they might want displayed since I am working in some Martini-Henry reloading; hence the large die size.

Thus far, Lee Precision responded (very quickly, thank you Laine!!) and they were able to help me arrange part of the focus of my comparison, test…Reloading for the Martini Henry (among other cartridges). With the Nepal Cache of Martini’s and Sniders that are now available, larger dies (1 & 1/4″) are becoming a bit more popular and are also pretty cool to cover in a review. Nonetheless, I have invited the above manufacturers to be represented here for a review/demonstration of the abilities their respective presses provide.

IMA  International Military Antiques –  Currently, my FAVORITE purveyor of awesomeness. This place is basically a treasure-trove for collectors and lovers of history! This is the place I bought my Untouched Martini-Henry Mark II (It’s outstanding for how old it is and the price was exceptional!).  They have kindly responded and bowed out. They are still great…I know, I appreciate my readers emailing me asking questions about them…No complaining, I tried and that’s the best we can do sometimes.

Lee Precision– Will be represented via a Lee Classic press (non Breech Lock) and a set of Martini-Henry 577/450 dies (Thanks Lee!)

RCBS: I’ve contacted and conversed with them but nothing set in stone yet. It seemed they thought I wanted technical support so I am a bit confused by this and am working through those challenges (fingers crossed)

Redding: I’ve sent something trying to contact them to see if they’d like to have a proverbial “dog” in this “fight” but haven’t heard anything yet

Hornady: I’ve submitted their form they require for things such as this…I hope we hear from them as they would be great to feature here as well!

Lyman: I’ve sent them something asking if they’d like to send something for the article. Let’s see what they say!

Dark Horse Press Company (SmartReloading): I shot an email to them and hope to hear back from them soon…I hope they do as it would be interesting to compare



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