UniCharge-Universal Cell Phone Charging Station/Dock for Micro USB, Type C, Lighting, phones,tablets. One Device to charge any smartphone or tablet (Wireless Phone Accessory)

5.0 out of 5 stars Great design, great product!
This is a pretty ingenious idea. It combines 3 of the most used types of charging connections in a nice form-factor to serve a variety of purposes. I use an iPhone but have a Fire tablet and wireless headphones that utilize a microUSB port so this is absolutely helpful in helping to eliminate some unwanted cords.
***Note*** I have been in contact with the inventor of this and an AWESOME lamp that has some pretty cool features. Definitely related…I should have one soon to review and I’ll share my thoughts on it here.


Looks nice, about the size of a coaster around with a matte type finish and a nice holder on top (gel or something similar). My wife and I like it a lot. Think Echo Dot or so.


Works well with microUSB, lighting connector and I tested the other via a conversion cable. All 3 forms of hookups worked well and it seemed to charge as quickly as my favorite “wall wart” kind with specialized chips in them (but this looks much better).


I think this is a very good value. That’s important to me and my recommendations. The only way they could’ve made it even better was to add wireless charging but there was no way that could happen in any quality manner at this price point so It gets 2 thumbs up from me.

If you’re like me and have a lot of tech devices around but not a lot of space, this just makes sense to me!


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