Fixed Wireless (SardisTel or Fuzion) Telecom Info/Review

Fixed Wireless – Truly Unlimited, Truly Unthrottled SardisTel for Alabama residents (maybe Florida)

Fuzion Internet – Wireless, Unthrottled, No limits! (Everywhere)


Anyone looking for non-traditional internet service might feel out of luck if they are currently outside a service area…I can seriously relate as it is NOT fun to feel like you are left out in the proverbial cold concerning internet. Satellite internet, as it stands, is not a great option if you like to do any gaming or have any need for a ping rate in miliseconds instead of seconds. In addition to that, it is EXPENSIVE and limited. Companies like Fuzion and SardisTel provide internet that is totally unlimited, seriously, and they do NOT throttle. It sounded too good to be true to me at first but they ABSOLUTELY adhere to the promises they make, have a “No BS” view that they follow and provide a great service to people like me who live in a more rural area.

**Disclaimer** I am not receiving any compensation from any referrals for their service, I just know how bad it stinks to be without internet and if this helps even just one person, my goal has been accomplished.

Sardistel provides a lot of options for your service, as in the main carriers, and their website has the details. There are a TON of positives for their internet service and there is also a small downside (to some) and that is the upfront investment you might have to shell out. The good news is that once you pay the activation fees and for the equipment (unless you bring your own device, which I know someone who did this and they are still using the service to this day). I am not 100% sure as to the service cost to activate it but I think it could be around $150 to $300 (if you don’t bring your own device) but their website will list it for sure. Their plans run around $100 a month or so (I think they might range from around $80 to $120 a month).

Fuzion (like Sardistel) has NO data caps and you get a 5 Mbps download and 1 Mbps upload speed; plenty to stream Netflix, Hulu, etc. You aren’t going to hit 4K quality but if you live in a rural area like me, you will probably just be happy you can stream to your hearts content.

I’m not quite done with my review yet but I wanted to put some information above because I have received some emails and comments about fixed wireless so I will continue to update this article.

**The information above is subject to change but is correct at the date of the update (September 2019). Please go to the sites above to get the most accurate and up-to-date information**

2 thoughts on “Fixed Wireless (SardisTel or Fuzion) Telecom Info/Review

    1. Hi Christopher!

      Sorry, my house was seriously messed up during Hurricane Michael and my family and I still aren’t back in our house yet (still no power but will be back on this week). They are redoing the entire back half of my house because of water, mold and wind damage so I’m a bit behind.

      That said, I was able to use SardisTel (who is growing and just changed to Fuzion as their name) during the storm, via power bank and I’m using it right now. Additionally, I’ve referred two monthly subscriptions their way and the people I referred are extremely happy.

      Disclaimer: I do NOT get paid or anything from people signing up; I’m just trying to help people like me who’ve been in a less-than-ideal internet situation previously.

      Shoot me an email at and I’ll give you more info and whatever else you need so you’re not waiting for the article.


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