Hemp & CBD – Upcoming Reviews, Information & Ratings

Something that I’ve been exposed to in the last few months has made a fairly profound impression in my life and I hope to share that with all of you. In my quest to learn more about hemp extract and/or CBD (cannabidiol). I have found a lot of great information, a lot of disjointed information and also some information that is just incorrect. For that reason, I would like to start a series in which I provide some of the information that I have learned; either through experience or via research. CBD is an outstanding resource for people but finding good brands that you can trust can seem a bit intimidating at first.

My first experience with hemp extracts was an outstanding one and I plan to go over more of that in the future. Essentially, I tried some “full spectrum hemp extract” to help me sleep…I was able to sleep the entire night, for the first time in 3 years! The tincture that I took did not make me sleepy but rather made me feel more relaxed and enabled me to sleep when I wanted and did not push me to do so. Subsequent usage has helped social anxiety, general well-being and just made me feel better, overall. I think this product genre has a lot of potential and it would be outstanding to help other people find something that might possibly help them as well.

Additionally, I have also made a few contacts from within the industry and am cultivating more relationships in order to find out more information, more access to products to test, rate and potentially share as well as to get tips and maybe even insight into new products coming out, etc. The people that I have contacted have been very nice and helpful and I am excited at the possibilities.

Essentially, make sure you keep an eye on this website as I plan to do a series of informational articles on CBD as well as some real product evaluations in order to help those looking for solid, respectable brands to purchase. Buying hemp extracts and/or CBD can be expensive so it is advisable to do your research before purchasing. I would love to help people out in their decisions as well as to expose myself to more brands and tinctures/products. It is a fairly exciting time concerning new avenues being made via supplements of this type and new products are coming out at a very rapid pace.

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