Sheets & Giggles – Lyocell Sheet Review

Sheets & Giggles – Great Sheets based on some fresh ideas, great humor, and seriously quality wares

Sheets are something that we all use (okay, okay, certainly over 90% of us probably use sheets because we are all very much different). The point of the matter is that sheets are a very important part of a lot of sleeping routines so I think it makes sense to get some that are as comfortable as possible. Sometimes the most comfortable are also among the more expensive in cost but when you think about how often you use something like a set of sheets, I think it is worth it to spend up a bit and get what you really enjoy. We work pretty hard and I think we deserve some comfortable bed accouterments. Sometimes that means spending a little bit above your comfort zone so you can be even more comfortable in real life. After some real-life experience with a set of sheets by Sheets & Giggles, I can say that I find their sets extraordinarily comfortable, well-made, and in line with the price tag. Before I give some firm details concerning what their sheet sets cost, I wanted to point out the pros, cons, and everything in between.


Sheets & Giggles is a company based in Denver and via their literature, lightning-fast response times from Customer Service, and their ridiculously AWESOME return policy (seems to be a no questions asked, no timeframe policy that VERY much focuses on the consumer), it is clear that they are bucking the norm. They have a heck of a good sense of humor (go to their website or Amazon and read their product descriptions, which are hilarious). On top of producing some great sheet (see what I did there?), they seem very conscientious about the environment and helping others. When you purchase a set of sheets from them, they plant “an adorable baby tree somewhere in the US that needs reforestation”. In addition to planting trees, they also provide a bag you can/should use to donate your old sheets instead of throwing them away and have them end up in a landfill. As an ancillary benefit, if you donate your old sheet set you get 10% off your next order.

The Material:

Aside from a great sense of humor as a company, some environmentally and people-friendly policies, and the best return policy that I’ve seen, there is also some innovation via the material they use for their sheets. Instead of cotton or some other man-made materials, they use Lyocell. Lyocell is made from eucalyptus wood pulp and is much more sustainable than traditional trees or unnatural materials that can seriously pollute the environment. If you don’t care about the environment, the material that they use has lower surface friction than cotton…so basically these are scientifically softer than your traditional sheet.
Versus Cotton, their sheets are:

Softer (lower surface friction)
More breathable
Hypoallergenic (this is more important than a lot of people realize)

The Review:

White Sheet Set – California King $167 – Sheets & Giggles Link:

Product Presentation: Upon opening the California King sheet set (white) I noticed that they pay attention to pretty much every detail that I could think of or fathom. They have an awesome product presentation, beautiful box, absolutely beautiful purple bag, eye mask (purple, soft, super comfy) and everything just goes together beautifully. It is evident to me that a LOT of thought went into the design and packaging/presentation to have the biggest impact possible on the end-user. I love things like this because that usually means they put a lot of thought into EVERYTHING. Sometimes you find companies that put too much into the presentation and not enough into the actual product but that is not the case here. I am not often greatly impressed by the initial product experience but I was very excited to try the sheets after I saw how much went into just the packaging.

First Impression:

These sheets are SOFT!! These are tied for the softest sheets that I have ever felt! The other sheet set being silk. I am pretty positive these are much easier to care for than silk and less expensive. These feel like what you would get if a silkworm and cotton plant had a baby…while that might be a nightmare logistically to even fathom, these feel somewhat like a silky cotton blend. It is hard to describe exactly (as it is subjective) but suffice it to say, even with a more moderate price tag, I am very, very impressed! Being quite candid, I thought there was no way that I could ever conceive these sheets meeting the bar that I set mentally (based on the price) but the initial impression floored me…in a very good way. Something else that made me smile and laugh was the fact that there is a tag that tells you how the sheet should be oriented. No more guessing which side goes where or which corner should be the left one, etc, as there is literally a tag telling you what you need to know. How has no one done this before?? (or have they and I totally missed it?). That is such a commonsensical thing to do and it feels like the epitome of what kind of company they are. No B.S., no issues, and just great sheets that are good for the environment…all while being socially responsible.


My wife is a serious critic when it comes to new things so I was not expecting much of a reaction to these new sheets. I put them on the bed and was very happy to find that we both had some ridiculous grins on our faces when feeling them. We both were a bit unsure because of the price but those concerns were put to bed (rimshot) once we got a chance to test everything out. These are the kind of sheets that feel good sliding over your body and sort of fitting your very unique figure to encase you in a soft and silky cocoon of comfort. They are indeed comfortable, breathable, and look great (not that I really care a ton about how sheets look but some people might). I believed I would find these sheets to be “good” but not worth the price tag but I am surprised to say that I recommend these if you want some of the most comfortable sheets around. While these are not the cheapest out there, you deserve to be happy in the place where you spend about a third of your lifetime (bed).


Comfortable (yes, I listed it twice because they are THAT comfy)
Commonsensical sheet orientation labeling
Beautiful reusable bag included
Free sleep mask included
Ridiculously awesome warranty/money-back guarantee


Not the cheapest option
Make sure to read the care instructions as we had one pillowcase fall into a regular load and it went through on the highest dry setting so one feels just a little less soft. These are not silk and don’t require super intensive care, I just don’t think the quasi-industrial super dry setting on my new drier is conducive to this (or most) materials.

Do I recommend?

Considering how hard we work, how much we do, and how long we are in bed sleeping, I absolutely recommend considering these. Life is short and it is too short to have crappy sheets. These are the antitheses of “crappy” sheets. These are obviously something I would treat yourself with for Christmas, birthday, or maybe a made-up holiday because you really want a set of nice sheets.

Just so you know, this review is NOT sponsored and I am NOT receiving any payment for doing a review on my website. I did receive a set to try out but it was with the caveat that I wanted to give my honest, unbiased opinion concerning whether these are worth the extra cost. I thought it was awesome that they did not seem to care one way or another as to whether I would write something good or something negative. Essentially, they seem to trust their product and that seems to be something I notice more often with good, quality items.

Link to sheet sets: (I may receive a commission for qualifying items purchased through this link as I am part of the Amazon Associate program)

Sheets & Giggles – Link to their Amazon store:

Link to their website:


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