Truly Wireless Earbuds 60% Off w/Link

Here is a link (60% off True Wireless Earbuds w/link: $19.99) to some truly wireless earbuds that purport to have 8 hours of playtime and up to 50 hours via the charging case. While I cannot confirm the 50 hour mark, I do know the 8 hours playtime for the wireless buds is nothing to sneeze at. The link above will automatically provide a promo code so when you checkout the price will be $19.99 instead of the normal $49.99 price.

The most impressive thing that I have read about these earbuds is the reviews and the overall 5 star rating. Amazingly, 92% of reviewers ranked this 5 stars! What sold me on the reviews is the fact that 303 people have reviewed it (so I think they are legit). Definitely worth a try for circa 30 bucks off! The above link is good until 11/28/2019.

**As an Amazon Associate I can earn a commission if you purchase via the link above. That is a great way to help support this site without any extra cost to yourself.**

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