Bidet? Seriously? The Answer is a Resounding YES!

Someone recently told me that a bidet was a good option to use for those who wanted to rely less on things like toilet paper, contribute positively to the environment, and feel cleaner. I won’t lie…I laughed the suggestion off and filed the conversation away as one of those funny and maybe even quirky memories. Fast forward to a pandemic in which toilet paper became scarce and a bidet became a much more attractive option for me. I had the opportunity to use a non-electric bidet and it has been a revelation…Seriously AMAZING…to put it lightly, my friend was being 100% honest and their enthusiasm was well-deserved. In a perfect world, I would have discovered this (or at least tried it) previously but to use an already overused cliche, “it is better late than never”.

Now that I have some experience with a non-electric bidet, I plan to venture out and get a little crazy…okay, nothing weird or anything…just maybe finding one that hooks up to electricity in order to test out one with warm water and a dryer. I’ll be honest, having some power that close to a water source and some important bits and such might make me nervous at first but I cannot see much of a downside. I take that back, the only downside is the MSRP of the ones that I am describing are not cheap. Are they worth it? I hope to find out and report back. At this point, I am exploring options in order to decide which brand to go with to evaluate. There are SO many out there that it is a bit difficult to narrow it down. Additionally, I want to do an evaluation and review for a company that desires one so I will update this in due time.

Basically, a non-electric and simple bidet has been a revelation…might that mean that one with a dryer and heated water (maybe a heated seat) could be life-changing? That really is not hyperbole…there are certain things that I believe someone should spend up on in order to make life easier: Beds (we spend a lot of time in them), shoes (we are sometimes on them a lot), phones (each and every day they are with us and being used), and stuff for bodily hygene. The evaluation that I do should be entertaining and enlightening, to say the least, and I’ll update this as soon as I’ve got one nailed down.

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