Bidet? Seriously? The Answer is a Resounding YES!

Someone recently told me that a bidet was a good option to use for those who wanted to rely less on things like toilet paper, contribute positively to the environment, and feel cleaner. I won’t lie…I laughed the suggestion off and filed the conversation away as one of those funny and maybe even quirky memories.… Continue reading Bidet? Seriously? The Answer is a Resounding YES!

Solar Power – So Many Applications and Potential Savings!

Ever wanted to know what you need to setup a solar panel system for backup power, off-the-grid use, or just to save money? This is a running article that will include product reviews, deals, and pertinent information

Fixed Wireless (SardisTel or Fuzion) Telecom Info/Review

Fixed Wireless – Truly Unlimited, Truly Unthrottled SardisTel for Alabama residents (maybe Florida) Fuzion Internet – Wireless, Unthrottled, No limits! (Everywhere)   Anyone looking for non-traditional internet service might feel out of luck if they are currently outside a service area…I can seriously relate as it is NOT fun to feel like you are left out in… Continue reading Fixed Wireless (SardisTel or Fuzion) Telecom Info/Review

International Military Antiques IMA P-1864 Snider Rifle – Untouched Review

This is an “Untouched” adventure taking you on a journey from before restoration to after of this beautiful IMA antique

What is IMA? International Military Antiques…

**Feature Photo Via IMA USA (About IMA)** Lately, I’ve been pushing more content concerning pre 1898 antiques (related to firearms) as well as some newer items. Well, I have received quite a bit of questions via email asking “Where did you get the Martini-Henry?” or “Where can I get something like that?”…I’d like to clear… Continue reading What is IMA? International Military Antiques…

Lee Precision Reloading Dies – Martini-Henry 577/450 Review

The Martini-Henry is a beautifully made and designed gun (in my opinion). Loading options are scant but Lee has the most affordable solution

Truly Wireless Earbuds 60% Off w/Link

Here is a link (60% off True Wireless Earbuds w/link: $19.99) to some truly wireless earbuds that purport to have 8 hours of playtime and up to 50 hours via the charging case. While I cannot confirm the 50 hour mark, I do know the 8 hours playtime for the wireless buds is nothing to sneeze… Continue reading Truly Wireless Earbuds 60% Off w/Link

Sheets & Giggles – Lyocell Sheet Review

Sheets & Giggles – Great Sheets based on some fresh ideas, great humor, and seriously quality wares Sheets are something that we all use (okay, okay, certainly over 90% of us probably use sheets because we are all very much different). The point of the matter is that sheets are a very important part of… Continue reading Sheets & Giggles – Lyocell Sheet Review

$50 off Sony WF-1000XM3 True Wireless $179.99

Sony WF-1000XM3 True Wireless Noise Cancelling Use the link above to get some nice refurbished Sony flagship true wireless earbuds with Active Noise Cancellation (ANC). It seems like these are a good deal compared to the list price. These have great battery life and some awesome noise cancellation. I may receive a commission from Amazon… Continue reading $50 off Sony WF-1000XM3 True Wireless $179.99