Sheets & Giggles – Lyocell Sheet Review

Sheets & Giggles – Great Sheets based on some fresh ideas, great humor, and seriously quality wares Sheets are something that we all use (okay, okay, certainly over 90% of us probably use sheets because we are all very much different). The point of the matter is that sheets are a very important part of… Continue reading Sheets & Giggles – Lyocell Sheet Review

HiGoing Bluetooth Headphones (Earbuds?)

In all honesty, if you told me that I would be seriously impressed by a brand of wireless earbuds branded “HiGoing”, I would have probably not believed you as it is not one that I had encountered nor heard of before… Then they came into my life. This is getting a bit serious…I seem to have… Continue reading HiGoing Bluetooth Headphones (Earbuds?)