Lee Precision ZipTrim & Case Length Trimmer – Product Reviews

If you are either an avid or new handloader, you absolutely know how important trimming your cases are; especially rifle cases. Cases that are too long can make your day one to forget as it can be destructive, detrimental and downright dangerous. Being that as it may, having a simple, easy and efficient way to… Continue reading Lee Precision ZipTrim & Case Length Trimmer – Product Reviews

Lee Precision Reloading Dies – Martini-Henry 577/450 Review

The Martini-Henry is a beautifully made and designed gun (in my opinion). Loading options are scant but Lee has the most affordable solution

Lee Precision Classic Press Versus RCBS, Redding, Lyman, Hornady and Maybe Another Press Maker.. I’ve contacted them all…Let’s see who participates (UPDATE: Lee Precision is IN! Also, RCBS, Hornady, Lyman and Redding Still Haven’t Committed; Are they Worried?)

We will have a showdown of some reloading presses…value is the name of the game