Sheets & Giggles – Lyocell Sheet Review

Sheets & Giggles – Great Sheets based on some fresh ideas, great humor, and seriously quality wares Sheets are something that we all use (okay, okay, certainly over 90% of us probably use sheets because we are all very much different). The point of the matter is that sheets are a very important part of… Continue reading Sheets & Giggles – Lyocell Sheet Review

What is IMA? International Military Antiques…

**Feature Photo Via IMA USA (About IMA)** Lately, I’ve been pushing more content concerning pre 1898 antiques (related to firearms) as well as some newer items. Well, I have received quite a bit of questions via email asking “Where did you get the Martini-Henry?” or “Where can I get something like that?”…I’d like to clear… Continue reading What is IMA? International Military Antiques…

Lee Precision Reloading Dies – Martini-Henry 577/450 Review

The Martini-Henry is a beautifully made and designed gun (in my opinion). Loading options are scant but Lee has the most affordable solution

Mountain Man by Keith C Blackmore

I know that I do not usually complete write-ups on books here but there is one that I read/listened to and absolutely LOVED…Mountain Man by Keith C Blackmore. The book is about an every day kind of protagonist, Gus, who finds himself in the not-so-enviable position of negotiating daily life through a zombie apocalypse. Unlike most… Continue reading Mountain Man by Keith C Blackmore