TorchSTAR Retrofit LED

Torchstar Retrofit LED

This was a cool LED fixture that helps usher your home into the 21st Century (and lowers your power bill…Actually, all LEDs for the most part do so and I highly recommend you check out LED bulbs as well).

This is a nicely colored LED replacement (insert) to cover my old can that I have in my living room. I actually have 4 but I only have one of these at the moment. I wasn’t sure as when my house was added onto a few years ago, the regular incandescent type was put in. They are bright but they also get pretty hot and use a lot more energy than LEDs.

This light isn’t too heavy, came packaged well and the installation is way simpler than I thought. Quite honestly, the first time I saw pictures of retrofitted LED’s, I didn’t know what the bulb bottom was for (I know, I feel less than smart) and then it hit me like a bag of bricks and I let out a big “DUH”. This is nice because you can screw the bulb base in and then connect it later. Trying to do so at once would be a real pain because, physics.

This light was among the brightest LED lights that I have seen. I would like to take a look-see inside but do not wish to destroy it ( I am famous…infamous…for taking things apart and putting them back together with “Spare” parts left over). I’ll just think of it as a trade secret if/until it gives up the ghost.

Concerning the light, the one I received is a warm yellow color (2700K I believe) and it is definitely nice and warm colored. It puts out as nice of a warm white temperature color as my Philips Hue color bulbs. That being said, I believe this type of fixture will end up retrofitting all my cans in the living room. I love the daylight color but my wife loves this color and we have one of these now already so it just makes sense. I think this is a good deal for the price because of the cost/performance ratio I see. Light a lot of things, light is somewhat subjective but this is how I feel.

I did receive a unit directly from the manufacturer in order to provide a honest review. They did not care whether I had negative feedback or positive, they wanted to know what I thought and I think it is a nice light that I previously did not know much about. I am glad I know now and am going to work to retrofit all my cans and add some more smart lights (those are fun with Alexa, by the way 🙂 )


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