Spoke Too Soon?

Evidently, people really, really do enjoy my reviews more than I anticipated as my ranking is now on the cusp of my next goal; the ever-so-close “Top 500 Reviewer” badge as I am now ranked 533. Just a bit to go until I hit that goal. That being said; it is not without your help, all the people that read, enjoy and like (and even ones that do not for you give me great feedback as to what I should change or improve and I appreciate you).

It may seem, sound and appear simple from the outside looking in but procuring, testing and writing reviews does take money (significantly more now), time, patience and a lot of research. When I first started, it was a lot harder than I anticipated and when I look at my old reviews…I honestly cringe a bit. How things have changed and come along. Thanks again to all of you out there who read the things I write and care enough to let me know it is helpful and for the ones that comment on them as it means the world to me.

Since the whole scene has changed so drastically and buying items to review is so much more expensive, I will still continue to do them but I will have to figure out a way to do requests…if enough people are interested in an item, maybe I setup a Patreon account and we can all go in on the item for it to be reviewed and then figure it out from there (although I’ve got to check the rules to make sure all is good as I do not want to run afoul of them). Either that or I can add some things to my Wish List and figure it out from there. I feel…nay, KNOW things have a way of working themselves out as I am a naturally inherently positive person.

If anyone has any suggestions to the potential roadblocks I’ve outlined above, please let me know as I am always happy (and thankful) to hear from my readers!

I hope everyone has an AWESOME Christmas/Holidays!!
Andy (Devlin Jay)

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