HiGoing Bluetooth Headphones (Earbuds?)

In all honesty, if you told me that I would be seriously impressed by a brand of wireless earbuds branded “HiGoing”, I would have probably not believed you as it is not one that I had encountered nor heard of before… Then they came into my life.

This is getting a bit serious…I seem to have a penchant for acquiring loads and loads of Bluetooth headphones/earbuds. Constant yearning for a pair more comfortable, with a better battery life or more aesthetically pleasing. Heck, obviously sound quality falls high on that list as well. Nonetheless, search, buy, review and scope out new tech is something I have been doing for a couple months and there are boxes (and low balances of funds) to prove it…

Onto these beauties:

HiGoing Bluetooth Earbuds (Currently going for $29.99)

When these came, I expected something light, not well-built and lacking sorely in many areas. As soon as I opened the package (which was nice, had magnets to close it and included a good number of accessories; see featured pic), I could tell these were more than just a set of wireless buds’ trying to create a good knockoff. These have some weight to them, are made of what feels like metal housing the drivers, very soft, silky and firm-enough ear bud covers. All of these items are part and parcel to a total package of some great value wireless headphones.

“Value” – These have the kind of value that is not intrinsically “cheap” or anything of the sort. They are a set of Bluetooth earbuds that feel, work and seem like they should cost double what they are currently charging (but I am glad they are not). They also have a function where they magnetically adhere to each-other to be an in-prompt-to necklace and also which pauses music or ends a call when engaged.

I’ve been putting these through some realistic and unrealistic tests, trying for real-world and torturous scenarios in order to figure out if these were the “real deal” or just impostors. These are definitely a genuinely good set of wireless headphones and some I highly recommend. Here is why:


Battery life: I’ve gotten over 8 hours with these on audio books in a day without getting any warnings for low batteries. The volume was not too loud but not too low, either. These take a while to charge but last over 8 hours and I think I could get 9 if I lower the volume a bit

Build: These are built very nicely, don’t look bad when around your neck and are a hundred times more comfortable than they appear in pictures. They honestly seemed awkward-looking at first before I received them but they are absolutely very ergonomic.

Accessories: These come with a longer Micro-USB charging cable (not the 3″ one I usually see but one closer to 18″). Comes with a NICE case and a good number of ear covers. One set is especially good at keeping them in your ears during activities but I prefer the regular (as I found them the most comfortable).

Mic: The mic works well and no one on calls thought I was using anything other than my expensive headset. I need to find a good, reliable way to test the mic functionality as I think it is often overlooked.

Sound: I would rate the sound a solid 8.5 out of 10. Volume (which is absolutely not sound quality, is a good 9 out of 10). These sounded great with hip-hop, R&B, country, alternative and audio books.

Bluetooth Functionality: These have the longest range out of any set I have tested (I’ve tested a great deal). Most chipsets that meet the Bluetooth 4.1 standard are supposed to hit 10 meters but very, very few hit that length. These absolutely did when there were no obstructions and hit close to that between 2 walls. Impressive!

Overall: At under 30 bucks, I would not recommend another set of wireless headphones. These beat out my previous favorite (which were a Power Beats knockoff) because these are leaps and bounds better. Built better, feel comfortable and sound great. Outstanding battery length for the price as well as I consider 8 hours the minimum that I want.

Instead of trying to ride the coat-tails of a successful brand (like Beats), HiGoing has a solid entry for a nice set of Bluetooth wireless earbuds. I think you should check these out if you want a great “daily driver” that handles all types of sounds well and will last longer due to a good build quality.




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